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Zoology, 5/e
Stephen A. Miller, College of the Ozarks
John B. Harley, Eastern Kentucky University


General Zoology Laboratory Manual, Fifth Edition (ISBN 0-07-243559-3)
This is an excellent corollary to the text and incorporates many learning aids. This edition includes new illustrations and photographs, and activities on scientific method, cladistics, ecological and evolutionary principles, and animal structure and function. A Laboratory Resource Guide is available online that provides information about materials and procedures, and answers to worksheet questions that accompany the lab exercises.

Online Learning Center
A multitude of tools awaits you on Zoology’s Online Learning Center. You'll want to take advantage of the electronic illustrations and photographs from the text; classroom activities; animations; labeling exercises; quizzing exercises; lecture outlines; and access to the PageOut: Course Website Development Center-all available anytime you want them. Simply visit Five chapters not found on in the text are also available via the OLC. They include:
Chapter 30: The Chemical Basis of Animal Life
Chapter 31: Energy and Enzymes: Life’s Driving and Controlling Forces
Chapter 32: How Animals Harvest Energy Stored in Nutrients
Chapter 33: Embryology
Chapter 34: Animal Behavior

Zoology Essential Study Partner
Available via the Online Learning Center, this interactive study tool is loaded with activities, animations, self-testing tools, and more.

Digital Zoology CD-ROM Version 1.0 w/Student Workbook (ISBN 0-07-249888-9)
Digital Zoology is designed to accompany whole animal Biology courses such as General Zoology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Vertebrate Zoology and is an interactive guide to the specimens and materials typically studied in laboratory and lecture sessions. Lab modules are currently the biggest components of Digital Zoology, and each contain illustrations, photographs, and annotations of the major structures of organisms and microscope slides commercially available from the suppliers used by high schools and universities. Lab modules are combined with explanations of the various animal groups and interactive cladograms that allow you to investigate the major evolutionary events that have given rise to the tremendous diversity of animals that we find on the planet.

Zoology Visual Resource Library (ISBN 0-07-231667-5)
The Visual Resource Library includes photographs and illustrations from McGraw-Hill’s best-selling zoology textbooks. These images are available via the Online Learning Center or a CD-ROM. Enhance your lectures with the availability of hundreds of pieces of art and photos from the text. Pull them into your own PowerPoint or other presentation software, or use them for handouts and quizzing.

Life Science Animations CD-ROM (ISBN 0-07-248438-1)
Over 200 animations for classroom presentations are available on CD-ROM. These animations represent some of the most difficult concepts for students to grasp. You can pull these animations into your PowerPoint lecture presentation. provides a comprehensive set of resources in one place that is up-to-date and easy to navigate. A link is on the Zoology OLC. Here is what you will find:
  • The Faculty Club includes teaching tips, classroom activities, reference searches, presentation tools, and much more.
  • The Student Center contains a wide range of materials to help zoology studies.
  • The Briefing Room offers instructors and students up-to-date news articles, a selection of background readings, and links to journal search tools and biology magazines.
  • BioLabs features materials for lab students and instructors, including equipment tutorials, lab support, and simulations.
  • The Quad is a powerful indexing tool and hierarchical outline of content resources for searching by students and faculty.
  • The R & D Center features our newest simulations, animations, and other teaching tools.

  • PageOut
    More than 35,000 professors have chosen PageOut to create a course Website. New features of the third release:
  • The PageOut Library offers instant access to fully loaded course Websites with no work required on your part.
  • Courses can now be password protected.
  • You can now upload, store, and manage up to 10MB of data.
  • Learn more about this powerful third release at

    Primis Online
    You can customize this text in print or electronic formats to meet your exact course needs. Through McGraw-Hill's Primis Online, simply select the chapters, their sequence, and supplement it with the many science items on our database. Visit to begin today.

    Microtest CD-ROM (ISBN 0-07-029414-3)
    The complete test item file for the fifth edition of zoology is available via this easy-to-use CD-ROM. There are approximately 50 multiple-choice questions for each chapter.

    Online Instructor's Manual
    Available via the Online Learning Center, the Instructor's Manual provides examples of lecture/reading schedules for courses with various emphases. In addition, each chapter contains a detailed outline, purpose, objectives, key terms, summary, and sources for audiovisual materials and computer software.