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Heating and Cooling of Buildings, 2/e
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Heating and Cooling of Buildings: Design for Efficiency, 2/e

Jan F. Kreider, University of Colorado-Boulder
Peter S. Curtiss, University of Colorado-Boulder
Ari Rabl, Ecole des Mines
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Heating and Cooling of Buildings, Second Edition by Kreider, Curtiss, and Rable covers technologies-from materials to computers-that are exerting a profound effect on the design and operation of buildings. Numerous examples are presented and solved to reinforce important concepts and software applications are integrated throughout. This new edition covers the concepts of refrigeration and air conditioning, in the context of practical design. The emphasizes is placed on economic and design factors so students see the relevance of the technologies covered, and the trade-offs a design engineer must make. Design is further reinforced with the HCB software on a CD-ROM bound in the book. It provides a wealth of informational resources for HVAC design.